banner Functional vacuum coatings on machine parts and tools
mills broaches perforation toos drill bits hard carbide inserts Shaper cutters Threading tools


Threading tools with nanocomposite coatings

Многокомпонентные покрытия для повышения характеристик резьбонарезного инструмента


coated tapscoated taps

taps with nanocomposite coatings

coated tap

Tap's teeths with nanocomposite coatings

taps in processing chamberTaps in processing chamber

die nipple with nanocomposite coating

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Coated tools: millsbroachespunching/perforation toolsdrillsinsertscutting teethsrams (shaper cutters) threading tools

Coated high temperature furnances: crucibles, stirring rods, fittings

Coated corrosion protected items

Coated diesel engine parts

Coated turbine parts

coatings tribological properties

Coatings application in Aviarion


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