Tools for glass reinforced plastic (GRP) processing with nanocomposite coatings

Multicomponent coatings VPN

(monolayer, multilayer, nanostructured, gradient).

The characteristics

Microhardness 25000-45000 MPa

Thickness 1-5 mkm.

Surface rouhness not less than base.

Vivid adhesion with base.

Friction coefficient 0,3 0,6.

Thermal Stability up to 900.



Drill Bits Micro drill bits /routers
nanocomposite coated drills

coated micro end mills

coated bits  
AlTiN and TiAlN coated bits  
PVD TiAlN strengthened drill bits  
functional coating strengthening drill bits  
drill bits with nanocomposite coatings  
sthengthening glass reinforced plastic processing tools

coated mill



TiAlN/TiN nanocomposite coating


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