Coatings deposition data acquisition and control system

The control system developed and made by us supposes essential scaling and are not expensive and essential increase as speed and accuracy, and quantity of channels of measurement / management

At present on installations VPN the system of data acquiring and system control is used in the following configuration :


All analog signals are normalized with the help of blocks of operational amplifiers / filters
All channels of management have a galvanic outcome with the controlled device (in part solid-state relays, in part relay)
Data gathering from all complex ADC and devices of digital input is carried out in database MySQL working in the environment of OS Linux.
The operator has an opportunity to look through the data both in real time, and from archive. Similar opportunities on the central moments and other predetermined functions which are possible for constructing of a set controllable parameters


Typical form of record from installation log file
The operator has an opportunity to operate functionalities of installation accessible to him (for example: accuracy control bias voltage of a substrate about 5V in an interval 0-2000V, a current of an arc 1 A in an interval 30-200А)
Differentiation of parameters accessible to the operator on the basis of a control system of access to resources OS Linux

Вид панелей управления установкой:

- управление вісоковольтным выпрямителем

- панель контроля температуры-

-панель упраления откачной системы

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