DIAMOND-LIKE COATINGS for cutting tools


Technology is developed and the equipment is modernized for industrial production of diamond-like coatings on the metal substrates. The deposition methods are based on novel ion-plasma and plasma- chemical vacuum processes. The wear resistance of the articles after deposition of the coatings increases in 8 – 10 times. The technology was raised up to the industrial level for the small size bits (e.g. mills diameter 0.1-10 mm). Coated mills were tested and have shown vivid results. Different types of the substrates (uncoated cutting tools) were used for tests (hard carbide, different types of HSS). All of them showed above-mentioned improvement (8¬10 times compare to same uncoated one).
Innovative aspect and main advantages
There are the following main advantages of proposed technology:

1. DLC is much more elastic then ordinary diamond. So DLC can protect even bendable surfaces, for example, medical scalpels or razor blades.
2. The heating of the samples during the deposition is much lower compare to the standard technology. So it means that the substrate temperature during deposition is lower then 1000C.
3. It is possible to deposit the sub-layer of Ti under the DLC for adhesion increasing.

Areas of Application

Main application area is strengthening of cutting tools and antifriction applications.
Additional applications are improvement of:
- Cutting edges of knives, rotating shear blade, saw and other instrument for scission of paper, cardboard, wood, etc;
- Active parts of surgical medical tool;
- High-fidelity calibres

Stage of Development
The equipment is ready for small-scale production (600 bits/day). The design of the equipment for mass industrial production is ready.

Novel coatings types for cutting tools (nanocomposite, gradient)

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