Magnetron sputtering

General characteristic

Action of magnetron source is based on dispersion of target material - cathode at its bombardment by ions of the working gas formed in plasma of the abnormal glow discharge, raised in the crossed electric and magnetic fields. Magnetron sputtering system (MSS) is one of versions of circuits diode dispersions.
The voltage and current of the discharge, specific capacity concern to basic performance data ?SS on the cathode, pressure of working gas and a magnetic induction. As working gas in ?SS usually use argon. Pressure of working gas is supported in a range 10-2-1,0 Pa, voltage of the discharge - 300-800 V. magnetic induction near to a surface of the cathode has values 0,03-0,1 Tl. Under such circumstances the density of a current on a target is at a level of several thousand amperes on m2, and superficial density of energy * 106 ??/m2.
Magnetron sputering systems on a direct current can work only with targets from conducting materials. Using high-frequency power supplies sputtering as well targets from non-conducting materials (HF-magnetrons) is possible .

functional coatings types

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assembly drawing of magnetron sputering source

Магнетронный метод позволяет:



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