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Prof. Vlad. Sagalovich



Nanotechnologies Hi-Tech -

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Unique structure and properties of nanocomposite coatings (nanocrystalline, amorphous, microlayered structures, high purity, ultra high hardness, exclusively high adhesion with various bases, special physico-chemical and other properties), vivid tribological properties

- are main advantages of our nanocoatings and their deposition methods



Main coatings characteristics

Multicomponent coatings (mono, multilayered, nanostructured, gradient)

Coatings deposited using nanotechnology.

Thickness 3-5 um.

Preserving surface roughness.

Vivid adhesion with base.

Friction coefficient 0,005 0,02.

Antiborescuffing wearproof coatings on diesel engine D80 piston from aluminium alloy

Prevents scuffing working in pair with cylinder cast iron under conditions of borderline lubrication.

Relative increasing of life cycle in 20-80 times and wear decreasing of rider in 4-5 times.



Nanocomposite antifrictional wear-proof coatings for increasing tribological properties of frictional pairs

Nanocoatings features

Coatings have nanolayered structure and are composed of different layers ~ 5-10 nm thick each from metals and their compounds in various combinations

Micro hardness 8000-45000 MPa (depends from layers composition).

Preserving surface roughness Ra = 0,025 - 0,036 um.


nanocomposite coated spherical plunger head

Spherical surface of plunger with nanocoating


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