Deposition of wearproof and hardening, strengthening and antifrictional coatings on shaping die, punching dies, perforation dies and bender parts of stamps





Strengthening , wear proof and antifrictional coatings 


Coatings are deposited using of nanotechnologies.
Thickness of a coating 3-5 microns.
Preservation of a class of surface cleanliness.
Fine coupling with a basis (corresponding sublayers and preliminary ionic - plasma clearing of a surface).
Very high disseminating ability of used complex methods (an opportunity to cover blind hole, through apertures, carving, fretwork, etc.)
Coatings practically pore-free.

different coated dies

Strengthening, wearproof and antifrictional coatings on stamps and the cutting tool of various purpose 

Application strengthening, wearproof and antifrictional nannocompostie coatings on shaping parts of stamps (dies ) allows to solve the following problems:


  • Prolongation of service life.
  • Improvement of quality of a surface / edge of products.
  • Improvement of products removing from stamps.
  • Decrease in expenses for repair and restoration.
  • Replacement of galvanic coatings.
  • Reduction of charge cooling and lubrication liquids
  • Incresing number of reshapenings (due to decreasing wear of dies)


 coated dies

Stamp inserts with VPNf coatings



Our coatings show high efficiency of application on following types of the form-building tool:

Stamp cutting (perforation and punching dies) (recommended coating VPNM)

Especially effectively the coating works at cutting down of sheet metals: steels, a brass, copper. The wearproof coating on edges of a stamp carries out the same functions, as on mills at shock loadings. The coating protects products from tears during chiseling as even at deterioration the coating on a cutting edge is kept long time for adjoining surfaces of a matrix and a punch. Raises durability of a stamp in 3 and more times.

Stamp bending (recommended coating VPNM-f)

The coating on a bending stamp reduces friction of a made detail about a stamp. In this connection occurs more full shaping details, the opportunity of occurrence tears is excluded, the opportunity of "sticking" of a detail to a stamp is reduced.

Stamp beading, a stamp extrusion, draw plate (recommended coating VPNM-f)

As well as in a case with a bending stamp, decrease in friction between a processable detail and a working surface of a stamp (draw plates), and their simultaneous hardening essentially raises service life of a stamp and promotes reception of the better form of a product.


  VPN coated tools shows life increaesing on wide variety of machining centers punching and list processing equipment (Behrens, Trumatik, Amada, Schiavi, Rainer, Euromac, LVD, Finn Power) 


 punching dies for Behrens and Trump with nanocomposite multilayer coating

Tools with nanocomposite coating for Behrens and Trumatic punching machines VPNM

dies for ceramic press with gradient nanocomposite coating

Forming tools with nanocomposite coatings



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