Hard cabide cutting teeths with nanocomposite coatings VPN

cutting teeth nanocomposite coating
Comparative tests of hard carbide cutting teeth under production conditions have shown, that on identical modes of high-speed machining deterioration of teeth covered nanocomposite coatings on the technologies developed by scientific and technological centre " Nanotechnology ", in 2,6-4 times it is less, than not covered.

Multicomponent coatings VPN

(monolayer, multilayer, nanostructured, gradient).

Main coatings characteristics

Microhardness 25000-45000 MPa

Thickness 1-5 mkm.

Surface rouhness not less than base.

Vivid adhesion with base.

Friction coefficient 0,3 0,6.

Thermal Stability up to 900.

cutting teeth with nanocomposite coatings


We are proud to propose:

Deposition of strengthening coatings on regrinding standard all-metal and hard-carbide cutting teeth of domestic and foreign manufacturers (firm FRAISA, HANITA, PLATIT, CARLOY etc.)

Deposition of strengthening coatings of various compositions on non standart tools and furniture.

Development new and modifying of the existing coatings under concrete conditions of use of the tool and special tools and furniture.




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